Video/Photo/Digital Ephemera


Video — On the island

One family, four generations. The Barters have lived and worked on a small island off the coast of Maine for decades, but will the next generation be able to stay?

Produced with Sara Franklin

Video — Master of Credits

A montage of Scorsese's credit sequences that accompanied the Blank on Blank episode Martin Scorsese on Framing.

VIDEO — The Bluegrass Way

Traditional music is passed from old to young during a weekly bluegrass jam.

Photo — The Clubhouse

The East New York Clubhouse is a place for people with severe mental illnesses – a place where they can find community and support as they learn to manage their day-to-day lives. There are no doctors and patients; only people doing the best they can. But the Clubhouse is a publicly-funded program – one that is in danger of disappearing. 

Photo — An island in the city

City Island, in the far reaches of the Bronx, was once home to New York City's oystermen and shipbuilders. With a single main road running the 1.5 mile length of the island, it still retains the feel of a sleepy New England fishing village. While New York City as a whole has continued to develop and gentrify, City Island has resisted these changes and remains a solidly working and middle class neighborhood.